Kermit Roosevelt was one of the sons of Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States of America. He shared his father's love of the outdoors, and traveled to Africa and explored the Amazon basin with his father. He later served during the two World Wars, in both the British and American armed forces. He later published his WWI memoirs as War in the Garden of Eden.

In 1909, he accompanied his father on a safari in British East Africa to collect specimens for American museums. Kermit served as the main photographer of the expedition. In September, Richard Medlicot brought the Jones family to the Kirinyaga safari camp. Kermit met a young Indiana Jones just before taking a photo of Teddy Roosevelt returning from the hunt.

Later, when Jones had been reported lost by his parents, Teddy Roosevelt ordered Kermit to organize the search parties.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Timothy Machin played the role of Kermit Roosevelt in the episode "British East Africa, September 1909" of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.


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