Kevin Jackson as Paul Robeson

Kevin Jackson is an actor who portrayed Paul Robeson in the "Princeton, June 1919" segment of Winds of Change, newly filmed for home video when The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles was modified to become The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.

Jackson's feature film credits include Hero, Rosewood (with Bruce McGill), and Conspiracy Theory, while his television appearances include the TV movie Money, Power, Murder (with Josef Sommer) and guest roles on numerous series (often procedurals) such as ER, JAG, The Shield, Without a Trace, The Unit, Cold Case (with Keith Szarabajka), Southland, Criminal Minds, NCIS: Los Angeles, American Odyssey (with Orla Brady), Code Black, and The Young Pope.

After working with Jeffrey Wright on several occasions in the feature films Cement, Sin's Kitchen, and Cadillac Records, Jackson co-founded the Taia Peace Foundation with Wright, serving as its Project Director in Sierra Leone.[1]

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