"The girl's soul is mine now, and soon you will join her."
Kong Tien[src]

Kong Tien was an ancient and malevolent Chinese demon that was worshipped by Marshall Kai Ti Chan and his Black Dragon Triad. A temple was constructed beneath Kai's fortress, where ritual sacrifices were occasionally performed. Deceased Triad fighters possessed by evil spirits also inhabited the temple.

In 1935, Kong Tien was summoned by Kai during his attempt to sacrifice Mei Ying, due to her betrayal. Indiana Jones intervened and drove Kai and his men away. Kong Tien nonetheless possessed Mei Ying, transforming her into a fearsome yet beautfiul demoness, with feathered wings, long fingernails, and glowing eyes. She then transformed the chamber into a hellish Netherworld, and proceeded to attack Indy with bolts of lightning, balls of energy, and spirits that attacked him as soon as they were summoned. Using the Pa Cheng, Indy fended off the spirits and destroyed three magical Dragon Orbs powering up Kong Tien. The destruction of these three orbs caused the demonic deity to be banished back to hell, freeing Mei Ying in the process.

Appearances Edit

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