La Cazadora de Indiana Jones (in English, The Jacket of Indiana Jones) is a Spanish-language young adult novel by Asun Balzola, published by Joaquin Turina in 1989. The story centers on a girl who claims to have the jacket worn by Harrison Ford in the Indy movies. The book is not endorsed by Lucasfilm.

Publisher's summary Edit

Original Spanish Edit

Christie hereda una horrorosa cazadora de su hermano. En el colegio se burlan de ella, asi que la joven cuenta su secreto: la prenda perteneció a Indiana Jones. La noticia causa gran revuelo y a Christie no le queda más remedio que alquilarla por horas.

English translation Edit

Christie inherits a ghastly jacket from her brother. In the school, they make fun of of her, so the young woman reveals her secret: the article belonged to Indiana Jones. The news causes great commotion and Christie has no choice but to rent it out by the hour.

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