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Dr Jones, what you look at
"Dr. Jones, what you look at?"
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Lady Lavinia was a British war widow who met Indiana Jones in 1916.


Lady Lavinia was married but her husband was killed during the Great War in April, 1916.

A month later, Lavinia met Indiana Jones in London at a bus stop. The two struck up a conversation and when Jones discovered that she was a war widow, he propositioned her on the bus spurned on by a comment his friend Remy Baudouin had made earlier in the evening that lonely widows would "give everything" in exchange for a little flattery.

However, Lavinia was outraged that a relative stranger would approach her in such a fashion and promptly left the bus, taking a taxi to her intended destination of Bayswater instead.

Behind the scenesEdit

Shelagh McLeod played Lady Lavinia in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.


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