Lee Norris (born September 25, 1981) is an actor who played the role credited only as "Kid #1," one of three Halloween trick-or-treaters (dressed as a vampire) who visit the home of Professor Jones in the bookend segments for "Transylvania, January 1918."

Since appearing on The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Norris has become well-known for his roles as Stuart Minkus on the ABC series Boy Meets World and its sequel series Girl Meets World (both produced by subsidiaries of The Walt Disney Company) and as Marvin "Mouth" McFadden on One Tree Hill (which, like The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, was filmed at the former Carolco Studios and on location in Wilmington, North Carolina).

Norris has also appeared in other television series (often those filmed in North Carolina), including a regular role on The Torkelsons and guest roles on American Gothic and Dawson's Creek, as well as films such as Zodiac, Blood Done Sign My Name (written and directed by Jeb Stuart), and Gone Girl.

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