The letterman jacket was a jacket worn by the Lettermen of Marshall College in Bedford, Connecticut in 1957.


When Mutt Williams and Indiana Jones were at Arnie's Diner in 1957, a group of lettermen from Marshall College were present, too. They could easily be distinguished by their jackets from the other visitors. The jackets were blue with beige sleeves and had a capital M in white embroidered on the left side. On the rear, the name "MARSHALL" was embroidered, also in white capital letters.

When Mutt hit one of the lettermen and another letterman hit him back and made him fly into a group of greasers who also were present in the Diner, the two groups confronted each other, each characterized by its jackets: lettermen jackets versus black leather jackets. When the fight between the groups broke out, the participants also could easily be reckognized by their jackets.

Appearances Edit

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