Doctor Lewis Chamberlain was a well-known archaeologist who attempted to mount an expedition into the Ellora Caves in the mid-1930s.


Doctor Lewis Chamberlain performed expeditions all over the world.

Six months after Indiana Jones defeated the Thuggee in Pankot Province, Doctor Lewis Chamberlain was in India and found himself on Sir John Marshall's bad side. Marshall, who granted permits to dig in India, blocked Chamberlain's planned expedition into the Ellora Caves.

He made an arrangement with an old school friend, General Westerholt, who would speak with Marshall in exchange for Chamberlain finding a group of adventurers willing to a travel into Lahdal Province — which operated outside of British control — to recover objects from the Temple of Doom that were stolen while being transported to New Delhi for examination.

Behind the scenesEdit

Due to the multiple timeline placements of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom across sources, the events with Chamberlain either occur in 1935 or 1936.


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