An undercover Nazi agent observing Indiana Jones behind a Life magazine in 1936.

Life was an American phototography-based news magazine of the twentieth century. Launched in 1936, after the name was purchased from another magazine, the weekly magazine covered the news through photographs, and proved to be instantly successful.

A Nazi Agent following Indiana Jones in 1936 pretended to read an issue of Life magazine while instead monitoring Jones aboard the Pan Am Clipper as they departed from San Francisco.

Later that year, Edith Dunne bragged to Jones that the magazine would be on hand, amongst other media interest, for the arrival home of herself and the last ikon where a wing of a museum was set to be dedicated to them.

Behind the scenesEdit

The issue of Life magazine being read by the Nazi Agent has the cover of the November 30, 1936 issue[1], which is the second issue of the magazine ever published. Various official timelines place the search for the Ark in April 1936[2] or late July 1936[3], making the agent's reading material an anachronism. The back cover of the magazine shown in the film is not the same back cover as the November 30, 1936 issue.


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