This is the list of all the artifacts that Indiana Jones encountered in his adventures.

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles / The Adventures of Young Indiana JonesEdit

Tomb of TerrorEdit

The Ghostly RidersEdit

The Secret CityEdit

Face of the DragonEdit

Genesis DelugeEdit

Indiana Jones Adventures: Volume 1Edit

Curse of the Invincible RubyEdit

Philosopher's StoneEdit

The Dinosaur EggsEdit

The Hollow EarthEdit

  • Crystal Skull of Cozan

Secret of the SphinxEdit

The Emperor's TombEdit

The Temple of Doom Edit

Raiders of the Lost ArkEdit

The Further Adventures of Indiana JonesEdit

Arms of GoldEdit

The Last CrusadeEdit

Thunder in the OrientEdit

Staff of KingsEdit

Fate of AtlantisEdit

The Golden FleeceEdit

Spear of DestinyEdit

Iron PhoenixEdit

  • Philosopher's Stone

Kingdom of the Crystal SkullEdit

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