This article is about the former employee of Lao Che Lounge. You may be looking for the waiter Loo Sing.

Loo Sing was an old man active around Chinatown, San Francisco. He once worked at the Lao Che Lounge and knew the password to get in. In 1939, members of the Hip Chen Tong tried to assault him but he was able to fend off one with his cane, before Indiana Jones showed up to assist with the other. Loo Sing thanked him, and as he recognized the archaeologist as a friend of Archie Tan, told Jones the way to Tan's Exotic Imports. Indy later talked to him on the rooftops of Chinatown in order to get the password into the lounge.

Behind the scenesEdit

Loo Sing appears exclusively in the Nintendo DS version of Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings where he informs Indy that Archie has been kidnapped by the Tong, and that Suzy Tan had hidden in Archie's office. Indy later gets the password from him so he can get into Lao Che Lounge to find the secret entrance to the Star of Orient there.


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