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"Equal pay for equal work. That's all we're asking. Equal pay for equal work!"
Maisie Kemp[src]

Maisie Kemp was a working-class married woman in London and women's suffrage supporter.


During World War I, Maisie Kemp took a job in the war industries, along with other British women, helping to fill vacancies in the factories while the men were serving in the war. She spoke with an East End cockney accent.

In May 1916, she had the opportunity to address her fellows at a meeting of the East London Suffragettes, after Sylvia Pankhurst gave the keynote speech. After the chairwoman introduced her, Kemp took the stage, her first public speaking role. The rough man and his drunk friends began to taunt her, and she stumbled over her speech, trying to overcome her accent. After one of the rough's insults got slung back at him by a man in the audience, Kemp regained her composure and was able to continue her speech on the importance of the issue of equal pay.

Behind the scenesEdit

The role of Maisie Kemp was played by Pauline Melville.


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