General Makimura was a Japanese general that Indiana Jones fought in 1936.


Makimura was a Japanese general who wanted to use the dragon that professor Kobayashi found as a weapon in a war that they would soon start, to fulfil their destiny as a great imperial power. They would release it in California so that it could ravage America and then it would be easy to take over it. But he didn't expect that Indiana Jones would try to interrupt his plan. Even though he tried to stop them, the dragon was taken to Japan and he had to find it before it was too late! Indy hid it in a military base under an ordinary temple so that no one would suspect anything. He managed to get there and saw as they put sleeping gas in the dragon's glass container.

Makimura didn't expect that the dragon would wake up so quickly and destroy the glass container that it was in. It started a rampage and tried to destroy the base. Indy managed to get its attention before it did though and it flew and it attacked him. He avoided its attacks and clung on it with his bullwhip as it flew away.


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