Doctor Matthias Jäger was a mysterious Nazi alchemist who desired to use the powers of the Philosopher's Stone in 1947 to resurrect an army of Nazi soldiers and bring about the return of the Third Reich to its former glory which it had recently lost in World War II.


Following the end of World War II, Dr. Jager became known for conducting reanimation experiments. In 1947, Jager employed a variety of henchmen ranging from ordinary thugs to former SS troopers, chief among them was the fanatically loyal Dunkelvolk. His face was hideously disfigured and corpse-like[1], which earned him the nickname, "The Monster of Minsk". [2]

Unfortunately for Jäger, he and his goons ran afoul of two foes: Major Nadia Kirov, who had long pursued him due to his past crimes in the war, and Indiana Jones, who was also searching for the Philosopher's Stone to keep it out of the fascists' hands.[2]

Despite these setbacks, Dr. Jäger successfully acquired the parts of the stone, captured both Nadia and Indy, and attempted to unify the stone fragments in a ceremony under the full moon.[1] It was partially successful as the corpses of deceased Nazi officers were waking up, but Dr. Jäger was not pure of heart to wield the Stone and was disintegrated by its awesome power, taking the zombies with him.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Matthias Jäger bears resemblance to Adolf Hitler in Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix. The comic was adapted from a shelved LucasArts game which involved the Nazis trying to resurrect Hitler himself which may have influenced the appearance.



​Notes and referencesEdit

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