The Medusa was a Gorgon, a creature of Greek legend which had snakes for hair and a petrifying gaze.


On a quest to slay Medusa, Perseus stole into the Gorgons' lair armed with gifts from the gods and used the mirrored surface of the Aegis, shield of Athena and Zeus, to avoid eye contact with Medusa and cleave her head off with one swing of his sword.


When Perseus returned the Aegis to the gods, he made a present of Medusa's head for Athena. Pleased with her gift, Athena set the head as the center of the Aegis and used it in battle where it retained Medusa's power. The story goes that when the days of the old gods were drawing to a close, Athena left the Aegis in a temple at Delphi, Greece as a reminder of their existence and their potential to return. As the centuries passed, the temple fell into disarray and the Aegis was buried under rubble with Medusa's gaze creating a forest of statues from the people and animals that stumbled upon the shield.

Henry Jones, Sr.'s former teacher and mentor Nigel Wolcott wielded a Medusa-head cane as his alter ego Markos Kourou.



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