"This is humiliatin'. I got me a 4th grade ejeecation, but here I am guardin' some hole in the ground!"

Mel was a rifle-toting thug working for Busby Giles.

In 1936, Mel and another man were assigned to protect the smoke hole of Giles' underground hideout in the Hopi cave from discovery. While Mel complained about the guard duty, his partner reminded them how important that job was to keep local law enforcement from snooping around. A bag flew at them, releasing a group of tarantulas. Covered by the hairy spiders, Mel and his partner panicked, and were quickly punched out by Indiana Jones, who then lowered himself down into the hole.

Behind the scenesEdit

It is not clear whether Mel later encountered Jones during his second attempt to infiltrate Busby Giles' hideout.


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