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The troop car at the island base.

This Mercedes-Benz G5 was a military vehicle used by the Nazis under the command of Colonel Dietrich. One fitted with a machine gun and driven by Major Gobler served as an escort vehicle for the convoy carrying the Ark to Cairo. It was destroyed when Indiana Jones forced it over a canyon edge.

Another one was seen later on at the Nazi island base near Crete.

Behind the scenesEdit

TroopCar model

Troop car model
From Star Wars To Indiana Jones

  • The vehicle used in Raiders of the Lost Ark was a mockup.
  • In the comic adaptation, it is replaced with a Mercedes-Benz 320, identical to the one that Belloq and Dietrich ride in, and doesn't have a mounted gun.
  • Both it and the cargo truck were reused in the film Top Secret!



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