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Milos Fortier was curator of the National Museum before Marcus Brody took the position.


During a time at the National Museum when curator Milos Fortier was having difficulties with his drink and his marriage, the remains of a supposed evil diety arrived from Mexico amongst the relics and — Fortier believed — began to corrupt his mind.[1]

While his colleagues dismissed the bones as a disease deformed skeleton, Fortier worked to hide them forever. He disposed of all record of the remains' existence and buried them within a trunk behind a wall in the bowels of the building alongside his journal, the only remaining testament.[1]

A few days after he made his final diary entry, Milos Fortier killed himself.[1]


In 1936, accountant Harvey Pondexter, bitter over his role in the museum's operations being neglected, stumbled upon the trunk and Fortier's journal. Pondexter decided he could gain recognition by taking the undocumented artifacts to another museum. However, while he was sneaking them out to his car, Pondexter was caught by Indiana Jones and the National Museum's public relations officer, Marion Ravenwood who gave chase. By the time the pair caught up with Pondexter at the Sea View Hotel, the man was wearing armor from the trunk and declaring himself "Pondexter the First". After a struggle, Ravenwood accidentally dropped the trunk and its contents over a Sea View balcony. Pondexter lunged after the box and fell to his death on the rocks below. The impact also destroyed the skeletal remains of the so-called evil god while the other artifacts rejoined the National Museum's inventory.[1]


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