Mishima Sokai was a Japanese agent who worked for the foreign office in Tokyo and ran an interrogation camp in Japanese-occupied Manchuria in the 1930s.


Mishima Sokai was born in Hawaii in 1904 to a geisha and foreign diplomat. His father was executed the same day charged of being a spy.

Although sophisticated and rather suave, Sokai revealed sadistic tendencies when he interrogated a captured Indiana Jones in 1934. When he was about to use a horrific torture device, Jones doused the lights in the room and managed to injure Sokai with the device. This scarred Sokai's face and took out one of his eyes. After the ordeal, he vowed revenge against the archaeologist.

Sokai trailed Jones to Egypt, teaming up with the sinister Indian alchemist Jadoo. After Jones acquired the Omega Book, Sokai and his soldiers arrived. Sokai demanded that Indy give him the book, but the archaeologist had just read that Sokai would die by burning to death. A torch that Sokai had stamped out earlier flared up again, spread to Sokai's legs and eventually incinerated him.