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Werhmacht Hauptmann Mohler was a Nazi military officer stationed at Geheimhaven.


In 1936, Captain Mohler was the ranking officer at the Nazi island base Geheimhaven near Crete.[1] After the Ark of the Covenant had been captured on board the Wurrfler, Mohler was contacted via radio by René Belloq who instructed him to set up the Tabernacle for a ceremony to open the Ark. He and Belloq had made a deal whereby Mohler would arrange the Jewish ceremony, in return for Belloq speaking favorably of him once back in Berlin.[2] The captain met Belloq and Colonel Herman Dietrich at the base when they arrived.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The role of Mohler, credited as Tall Captain, was played by Tony Vogel in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • He isn't visible in the crowd of Nazis at the Tabernacle in the finished film. Another officer who may or may not be intended to be him but apparently played by a different actor, is seen walking with the procession to the Tabernacle but no other officers except Dietrich are present for the Ark-opening ceremony.
Mohler in the tabernacle

Mohler (left) with Belloq outside the Tabernacle in a deleted scene.

  • In a deleted scene, Mohler is present at the Tabernacle's entrance, but does not actually enter with Belloq and the two soldiers carrying the Ark. So his ultimate fate is unknown.
  • The novelization implies he does die when the Ark is opened, and the comic book more explicitly shows or at least implies his demise, by having him subdue Jones at the Tabernacle, and thus be present when the Ark is opened.
  • In the script he is killed by being shot during Indy's escape, which does not occur in the final film.



Notes and referencesEdit

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