Mrs. Donovan was the wife of American industrialist Walter Donovan until 1938.

Biography Edit

Mrs. Donovan once hosted a cocktail party with her husband in Manhattan in 1938 at the same time her husband had brought archaeologist Indiana Jones to their apartment to seek his services in hunting down the Holy Grail. She to returned to the party after gently chastising her husband for neglecting their guests.

Mrs. Donovan was widowed following Walter's death at the Grail Temple later that same year.

Behind the scenes Edit

Mrs. Donovan was portrayed by actress Isla Blair in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. In real life, Blair is the wife of Julian Glover (who portrays Walter Donovan), and in the film credits was credited as simply "Mrs. Glover".

During the development of the film's script, written by Jeffrey Boam, Mrs. Donovan was named Mrs. Chandler, reflecting the Donovan character's original surname, but otherwise fills a similar role.[1]

It remains unclear whether or not Mrs. Donovan knew of her husband's Nazi affiliations, or what became of her after Walter's demise.


Notes and references Edit

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