El Museo de las Pacificas is a museum that specialized in South American historical artifacts from both the indigenous cultures and the Spanish colonial culture. The Museum is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In the fall of 1937, the museum was closed to the public, so that it could process artifacts received on loan from the Biblioteca de los Indios in Spain.

With Eduardo to allow him to enter, Felipe Uribe visited the museum twice, where he found a hidden map locating the site where the Arms of Gold could be found. Stealing the map, he disappeared. Sometime later, his sister, Francisca Uribe Del Arco, arrived in Buenos Aires with Indiana Jones to find him. Jones learned from Felipe's fiancee, Elise Farthington, that he had gone to the museum. Using Julio Huertas to help get connected with Eduardo in the museum, Jones discovered that Felipe was not looking at artifacts, but was most interested in the diary of Vasco de la Posco.

An evening later, Indy and Francisca broke into the museum by climbing through an upper story window. After reading the diary for a few hours, Indy realized that what they were looking for was something that was hidden in the lining of the diary - the map taken by Felipe. Removing the lining, Jones found that he could use a lighter to help see the ink that transfered from the map to the lining. With the lining, the two slipped out.

After the destruction of Pachacuti's tomb by Lake Titicaca, Francisca told Jones that she would return the lining back to the Museum.