This article is about the town. You may be looking for the Nazca tribe.

Nazca is a small town in Peru located at the base of the Andes Mountains on the Nazca Plain.

In 1957, Indiana Jones traveled there with Mutt Williams searching for Harold Oxley. Arriving by plane, they unloaded Williams' motorcycle from the airport, and drove into town. In a marketplace, Jones spoke Quechua to the locals, and learned that a man fitting Oxley's description has been committed to the local sanatorium several months prior. At the sanatorium dedicated to Anthony de Padua, the two learned from a nun that Oxley had been liberated by some unknown men. Examining his room in the asylum, they found carvings on the wall of a skull, and the word "Return" in several languages. With the help of a broom, Jones and Williams found a map on the floor, showing the location of Orellana's Tomb, and set off for the Chauchilla Cemetery. Unfortunately, they were unaware that they had been followed in town by Jones' friend-turned-traitor, George McHale.

Behind the scensEdit

In Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Nazca is depicted to be located at Cusco. This is an error, however, as the city of Nazca, in real life, is located at Ica. In addition, the music cue that sounds during the Nazca scenes along its people and language resembles more Mayan and Mexican than Quechuan and Peruvian.


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