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The Netherworld was the Chinese underworld, a realm of the dead accessible through the Emperor's Tomb and inhabited by spirits of the deceased and an enormous Asian guardian dragon.

The only known entrance to the Netherworld in modern times was uncovered by Indiana Jones in 1935, at the end of the Terracotta Maze in the Emperor's Tomb in Xian, China.

The portal from the Tomb to the Netherworld led to the first region of the Netherworld: a fragmented replica of a section of the Great Wall of China suspended in midair, guarded by bright blue spirits of the dead. Jones moved across the pieces of the Great Wall, battling terra cotta statues and using his whip. This pathway led to a floating palace, called the Black Pagoda, with a deadly electrified hall within over a long, bottomless pit. Above, Jones cautiously crossed through the hall on floor tiles that momentarily disappeared and reappeared, providing another deadly challenge. At the end was the throneroom of the First Emperor of China, whose magically preserved corpse sat in its throne chair. In his mouth was the Heart of the Dragon, a huge black pearl that strengthens its user and allows him or her to manipulate the actions of others.

On the other side of the Black Pagoda, is the Dragon's Claw, the lair of the Netherworld dragon, where Jones defeated Marshal Kai and where the Heart of the Dragon fell into the abyss.

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