"Diving is risky business, my Yankee friend! Let me find what you look for!"

Niklos was a contact of Indiana Jones who ran a sponge diving operation in the Greek Islands.

In 1939, Jones and Sophia Hapgood hired Niklos' boat to search for Atlantis, several miles southeast of Thera. While Jones went diving, Hapgood was kidnapped by agents of Klaus Kerner, who boarded from another vessel.

After Jones and Hapgood escaped the destruction of Atlantis, they were picked up by a boat, possibly Niklos'.

Behind the scenesEdit

While Niklos has dialogue, he is not actually seen in the comic.

In the game, there is a Greek boat captain that is to be hired from Thera and lead the pair to Atlantis. While Indy dives to the bottom, it turns out that the sailor was a Nazi contact and delivers Sophia to Kerner while they leave Indy to die without air. However that character is not named.


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