This article is about the Canadian group. You may be looking for Vikings.

The Norsemen were a primitive tribe that lived in a network of underground tunnels in the mountainous, frozen north of Canada who dressed in the style of ancient Norsemen. The tribe was involved in a fued with a rival group called "giants" over the Hammer of the Gods that the giants had stolen from them.

When the Norsemen encountered a team of adventurers, they believed that one of the members was the reincarnation of one of their greatest heroes and wanted him to go on a quest to retrieve the artifact.

The giants proposed three non-lethal games to decide who should keep the Hammer but the Norsemen were correct in thinking the giants would cheat. While the games were played, the adventurers who didn't partake found the artifact on their own and a battle broke out between the Norse warriors and the giants. The Norsemen were truimphant and regained the Hammer, recognizing those who had helped as members of their tribe.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Norsemen were created for an example scenario in Indiana Jones and the Rising Sun designed to assist gamesmastering for West End Games' The World of Indiana Jones roleplaying game.


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