Omar Al-Jabbar was an antiquarian in Algiers. In 1939, while in search of the lost city of Atlantis, Indiana Jones and Sophia Hapgood tried to bargain with him in order to find where the Germans dug in desert for ruins of an outpost of the mighty city.

Behind the scenesEdit

The role of Omar Al-Jabbar is significantly different between the comic and the game. Even in the game his role can vary greatly depending on the path the player takes.

In the comic, he is seen hired by the Nazis to find Atlantean relics outside Moulay Idriss while Indy and Sophia are befriended by Habib Ouarzaza. Omar even attempts to kill Indy. Later, Omar and a colleague try to sneak into Ubermann's tent to kill him, before he kills them for their failure, but they are electrocuted by Ubermann's security system.

In the game, his intentions and demeanor vary between which path the player takes mid-game.

  • In the Team path, he directly deals with and helps Indy and Sophia, although his help in a form of a map and 2 camels is underwhelming, as the camels die a mile out of town, leaving Indy and Sophia to have to find a new means of transportation. In that path, Indy can buy or trade useful items from Omar.
  • In the Wits path, Indy must trick Omar's assistant Paul Abdul into leading him to Omar's home; even there he will refuse to help Indy, forcing Indy to lock Omar in a closet and steal his map and camel.
  • In the Fists path, Indy must follow Paul Abdul to Omar's house, where it is revealed that Omar is being interrogated at gunpoint by Hörst, a Nazi soldier. Indy must then save Omar who will briefly talk with Indy then offhandedly offer Indy his map and camel while Omar runs to tell the authorities that Nazis are in town.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Arabic word jabbār, means "to use coercion, to force" something.

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