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Paris, October 1916

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The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles episode
Paris, October 1916
Season 2
Episode # 12
Guest stars Domiziana Giordano
Kenneth Haigh
Ian McDiarmid
Jacqueline Pearce
Sheila Burrell
Maria Charles
Writer(s) Carrie Fisher
George Lucas (story)
Director(s) Nicolas Roeg
Airdate July 10, 1993
Preceded by "Benares, January 1910"
Followed by "Istanbul, September 1918"

"Paris, October 1916" is the twenty-second episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, and the twelfth in season two. It originally aired on July 10, 1993 on ABC.


While in a grocery store checkout line, Indy looks at an entertainment magazine. This sparks conversation with a woman behind him, who also picks up a magazine and is dumbfounded at its claims of an affair between Jane Fonda and Gorbachev. Indy tells her that he's found that the truth can often be stranger than what is printed in such magazines. He begins to tell her the story of a time in 1916 when he and his friend Remy were on leave from the war, and the two were looking for love...

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The episode was edited into Demons of Deception in 1996, and released on VHS in 1999 and DVD in 2007.


This episode was novelized by James Luceno as The Mata Hari Affair.


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