Minor characters from the episode "Paris, September 1908" All of these characters are unnamed but have credited speaking roles in the Paris segments of the episode "Paris, September 1908" of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (edited into Passion for Life) and are not based on real historical figures.

Unnamed CharactersEdit



Pimp #1, Passion for Life


Pimp #2, Passion for Life

Pimp #1 and Pimp #2 were two Parisian pimps. When Pablo Picasso enticed two prostitutes hanging outside a brothel to join him and his group for dinner, the two pimps came out later, demanding to know where their girls had gone. One of the remaining prostitutes mentioned Picasso's name, and the two set off for the restaurant. At the restaurant, the pimps confronted Picasso and Georges Braque about their missing girls. After Braque pushed Pimp #2 away, Pimp #2 drew a razor. Braque punched him, which started a free-for-all in the restaurant. When Jones confronted Pimp #1, the larger man simply picked up the boy and threw him onto Picasso's table. The prostitutes and Fernande Olivier also attacked the pimps, and Indiana Jones used the Louis Bleriot airplane to distract them while Picasso's group fled. In the fracas, one of the pimps accidentally punched the other.

Later that evening, the pimps crossed paths with Norman Rockwell and Jones again, and chased them into a cemetery. Pimp #1 was scared of haunted places and didn't want to enter, but his partner guided them to where they thought the boys were hiding. Using a blanket, lantern and skull to make a ghostly apparition, the boys frightened the pimps into running out of the cemetery.

Pimp #1 was played by Craig Crosbie.
Pimp #2 was played by Gary Whelan.



Prostitutes who accept Picasso's invitation (foreground pair) , Passion for Life


Prostitute who dances with Norman Rockwell, Passion for Life

Prostitute #1 and Prostitute #2 were among several ladies of the evening who loitered outside their brothel in Montmartre. When approached by Pablo Picasso, they were invited to dinner, which at first they politely declined, claiming they were working, but Picasso convinced two of them to accompany the group. At the restaurant, one of the ladies moved off towards the dance floor while the other joined Picasso's table, then Picasso sent her to dance with Norman Rockwell, and she dragged him to the dance floor. They were later joined on the dance floor by Fernande Olivier and Indiana Jones.

Meanwhile, the pimps came out of the brothel and saw that two of their girls were gone. One of the remaining prostitutes told them that the two had left with Picasso.

When the pimps arrived at the restaurant, the prostitute dancing with Rockwell tried to stay out of sight, but when a brawl started, she jumped in and attacked the pimps, then escaped with the rest of the group. Outside, the two prostitutes bid their farewells before running off.

Of the three prostitutes, it is not necessarily clear which Prostitute is #1 or #2. The two with clear spoken lines are the one who responds to Picasso's invitation (and later dances with Rockwell), and the one who remains behind, and directs the pimps.

Prostitute #1 was played by Michaela Flenerova.
Prostitute #2 was played by Jitka Sedlácková.

Old KeeperEdit


Art Supply Shopkeeper, Passion for Life


Cemetery Night Watch Keeper, Passion for Life

The Old Keeper may be one of two characters:

Mr. Dumont, the bearded shopkeeper of an art supply store.

The night watch keeper in the Parisian cemetery. One night he had drank too much on the job and fallen asleep in a crypt when Norman Rockwell and Indiana Jones tried to escape from the two pimps chasing them at night. The boys took the graying sentry's lantern and blanket, along with a skull from a crypt to make a ghastly vision to scare their pursuers, while the guard never woke up.

The Old Keeper was played by Jirí Patocka.


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