Sir Peregrine Prentiss was a British diplomat and the husband of Lady Prentiss and the father of Vicky Prentiss.


As a diplomat, he traveled to many countries with his children and used to talk to them in the country's respective language but his decision to marry a suffragette was not good for his career. Nevertheless, when his wife was imprisoned, he backed her all the way.

Prior to one diplomatic posting, he received a crash course in Balkan history from Helen Seymour, but instead of being sent to the Balkans, the Foreign Office assigned him to Egypt.

By 1916, the Prentisses lived near Malvern. In May, Vicky, who lived in London came to visit, and accompanying her was her American beau, Indiana Jones. Over tea, Peregrine Prentiss showed his support for the suffragette cause that both his wife and daughter believed in.

Behind the scenesEdit

Peregrine Prentiss was played by English actor Frederick Treves in "London, May 1916".


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