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The Periscope Lieutenant was among the German crewmen on the Hatay tank during the journey to the Grail Temple in 1938 as part of the Nazi effort to find the Holy Grail.

Biography Edit

During the fight on top of the tank between Indiana Jones and Colonel Ernst Vogel, he heard the commotion and raised a periscope to examine the situation. What he saw was Indiana Jones's face slammed into the periscope by Colonel Ernst Vogel. Amused, he turned to his crewmates and said in German, "The Americans...they fight like girls!" Apparently hearing this offensive remark, Indiana kicked the periscope; the handle swung violently around and hit the trooper across the head.

Later, after Indy defeated Ernst Vogel, his unconscious body was carried over the cliff when the tank fell, killing him in the process along the Second Tank Crewman and Vogel.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Periscope Lieutenant was portrayed by the uncredited stunt performer Nick Gillard in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

During the development of the film's original script, written by Jeffrey Boam, the Periscope Lieutenant, along the Hatay Tank Gunner and the Second Tank Crewman, was originally going to not exist in the story. Instead, the only Mark VII Tank occupants were originally going to be Walter Chandler (Walter Donovan in the final film) and the Hatay Tank Driver (apart from this, the interior of the Mark VII was originally intended not to be shown).[1][2]

His uniform epaulettes indicate that he is a Lieutenant, although it's not clear if he is a Lieutenant or a Second Lieutenant.

The Periscope Lieutenant, along the Mark VII Tank's crew, didn't appear in LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. Instead, Ernst Vogel controls the entire tank himself. In the video game's sequel, the Periscope Lieutenant is also absent, because as in the previous game, Vogel controls the entire tank.


Notes and references Edit

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