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A secret base situated in German East Africa housed the Phantom Train during World War I.



The Phantom Train exiting from the camouflaged rock.

The base was camouflaged as a large rock formation, looking towards the German railway. A sophisticated system would open the fake rock, remove the warning sign and reveal rails that would connect the Train to the main railway. The base itself contained barracks and a telegraph center. A German camp nearby served as its proxy.


Indy hits the shovel man

In 1916, a Frontiersman called Zoltan discovered that the rock was made of canvas by throwing a knife at it. Subsequently, Frontiersmen agents along with Indiana Jones infiltrated the base and attempted to wire the Train with dynamite. However the timers failed and they had to repeat the attempt. Indy neutralized the shovel man, Schultz and took his place on board.

After some skirmishes in the base and along the railway, they managed to destroy the Phantom Train.


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