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Captain Phillip James Blumburtt was an officer in the Eleventh Poona Rifles, an infantry unit stationed in Allahabad during the waning years of British rule in India.

Amongst other duties, Captain Blumburtt's company was responsible for patrolling Pankot, and in 1935 he helped disband a resurgent Thuggee cult from Pankot Palace.


Suspecting a revived Thuggee movement in Pankot Province, Captain Phillip James Blumburtt[1] brought his unit to the region, and then arrived at Pankot Palace for an inspection.

Blumburtt's inspection tour to the palace was unexpected by prime minister Chattar Lal, who was forced to invite him to the Guardian of Tradition dinner. At dinner, Blumburtt and other recent arrival Indiana Jones began discussing the potential of a Thuggee resurgence, a topic quashed by their host, Zalim Singh.

The next day, Blumburtt and his forces came to the rescue of Indiana Jones, Willie Scott, and Short Round as they fell under attack by Mola Ram's Thuggee archers, after they escaped from the Temple of Doom.

Behind the scenesEdit

Phillip James Blumburtt was portrayed by the late Philip Stone in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Legendary actor David Niven was originally attached to portray Captain Phillip James Blumburtt in Temple of Doom, but he passed away some weeks before filming began, so stone was cast instead.[2]

During the development of the film's original script, written by Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz, Blumburtt's role was the same, but his personality was very different. Instead of being firm, polite and polite, he was a pretentious pompous British captain.[3] Also, there was originally a planned scene in which Willie Scott would try to tell him and Chattar Lal that the secret tunnel of her room led to the Temple of Kali Ma, without Blumburtt and Lal (although he knows that it's true because of being a member of the Thuggee cult) believe what she says, thinking (due Lal's suggestion) that Scott had smoked opium in Shanghai.[4]

In LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures the Eleventh Poona Rifles never save Indiana and friends. Instead, all of the Thuggee guards are devoured by the crocodiles. However, the characters "British Captain" and "British Commander" bear his likeness.

In Howard the Duck, a George Lucas production released two years after Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and three before Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Tim Robbins plays a character named "Phil Blumburtt".



Notes and referencesEdit

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