"All my friends had British nannies. It was the rage. But Papa insisted on Pilar. Our native heritage..."
Francisca Uribe Del Arco[src]

Pilar was the personal maid for Professor Francisca Uribe Del Arco, and the mother of Jorge. In 1937, she traveled with Uribe to Barnett College, and then later to Buenos Aires.

When Uribe was given a visiting professorship at Barnett College, Pilar and her son accompanied Uribe to the United States, entering through Canada. Pilar worked in the house where the professor lived. One day, Jorge instructed her to set up a high tea for two and bring a sewing kit, as Uribe was bringing over Professor Indiana Jones, who had accidentally ruined his pants bumping into Uribe on the street. While Pilar began mending Jones' pants, two thugs barged into the house, causing a fight over a recently arrived package. After the attackers fled, Pilar came outside to investigate, still holding Jones' pants. When Jones tried to call the police, Uribe explained that they wished to avoid contact with officials because of Jorge's immigration status, and Pilar begged Jones not to make the call.

When Uribe and Jones took leave to track down the Chimu Taya Arms in South America, Pilar accompanied Uribe on the steamship as her servant. While Jones and Uribe had another run-in with a set of thugs, Pilar straightened up Uribe's cabin. When Jones entered the stateroom, Pilar got startled, and fell into a trunk. Jones and Uribe helped the older woman out, and then she went back to preparing the room.

The morning after they arrived in Buenos Aires, Pilar interrupted a potentially romantic encounter between her mistress and Jones when she came to Jones' room to announce that Uribe's bath was ready.

When the pair of archaeologists decided to travel to Peru, Uribe sent Pilar ahead to the Lima-bound steamship with the luggage. Unfortunately, while Pilar settled in, Jones and Uribe missed the boat.


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