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"...don't call me Junior!"
The title of this article is a nickname. This article is about a canonical subject that lacks a proper name, and is known only by its nickname or callsign. Please see the relevant discussion on the talk page or explanation in the article itself.

The Pilot was a Nazi aviator that was stationed at the Tanis dig site. He was scheduled to fly the German Flying Wing carrying the Ark of the Covenant from the site to Germany. While the plane was being prepared for the journey, the pilot was in the cockpit, and overheard the burlier mechanic challenging an escaped Indiana Jones to a fight. During the ensuing tussle the pilot tried to intervene using a Luger, but was knocked unconscious by Marion Ravenwood. He then fell on the Flying Wing's controls and started the engines up accidentally, setting into motion the sequence of events that would lead to his own death when the plane blew up.

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