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A Nazi pilot was stationed at the Tanis dig site in 1936. He was scheduled to fly the German Flying Wing carrying the Ark of the Covenant from Tanis, Egypt to Berlin, Germany.

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In 1936, after the Ark of the Covenant was recovered from the Well of the Souls by the American archaeologist Indiana Jones and captured by the Nazis, the relic was scheduled to be stored on the Flying Wing with a pilot assigned to fly the plane out of Tanis, Egypt to Berlin, Germany, so they could deliver the Ark to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.[1]

While the plane was being prepped for the journey, the pilot was in the cockpit when, having escaped Nazi imprisonment at the Well of Souls, Jones and his companion Marion Ravenwood sneaked onto the airstrip, planning to take control of the Flying Wing and depart with the Ark. Just as Jones prepared to take the airplane, he was spotted by one of the mechanics, forcing him to fight the mechanic behind the oblivious pilot. However, after Jones defeated the mechanic, his burlier companion appeared and challenged the archaeologist to a match himself, this time with the pilot noticing.[1]

During the ensuing tussle, the pilot tried to intervene with his luger. When Jones bit the mechanic's arm and tried to avoid the his rage by hiding under one the wings, the pilot fired off a round but missed, allowing the mechanic to knock Jones to the ground. With a clear shot, the pilot tried to finish off Jones, but the mechanic stepped in his way, unknownwingly saving the archaeologist's life. The pilot waited until the mechanic moved way to shoot Jones but Ravenwood knocked him unconscious, causing the pilot's body to slump into the Flying Wing's controls and started the enginesy, setting into motion the sequence of events that would lead to the mechanic's death and later his own when the plane exploded.[1]

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The pilot was played by Indiana Jones producer Frank Marshall in Raiders of the Lost Ark as a cameo appearance. He took on the role when the stuntman who was to play the part became ill.[2] Marshall also played a a tourist at the Nang Tao Airport in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

In the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! at Disney World, the pilot actually survives the plane fight, as he leaves the Flying Wing after landing the plane, yelling at the German Mechanic before getting a motorcycle ride to the Nazi camp. Marion Ravenwood thus enters the plane unopposed.

The pilot is absent from both LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures and its sequel, but is present in the Flying Wing set released by LEGO, along with minifigures of Indiana Jones, the German Mechanic and Marion Ravenwood.



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