"Prague, August 1917" would have been the twenty-ninth episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, and the twenty-second episode in season two, but it did not air in the US. In 1996, it was combined with "Barcelona, May 1917" to form Espionage Escapades, which was released on DVD in 2007.

Plot summaryEdit

Working as a Belgian spy during World War One, young Indiana Jones is reassigned to Prague where he, under the alias "Amadeus Shooblegrueber" is to move into apartment 7P, 150 Ruská Street and receive an ever so important phone call. Unfortunately it turns out that the telephone has disappeared from the apartment. Consulted by his Prague contact, Colonel Clouseau, Indy heads for the Ministry of Telephones, where he learns that having to confront Czech bureaucracy can be quite a trial.



Home videoEdit

This episode was edited into Espionage Escapades in 1996, and released on DVD in 2007.

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