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"...don't call me Junior!"
The title of this article is a nickname. This article is about a canonical subject that lacks a proper name, and is known only by its nickname or callsign. Please see the relevant discussion on the talk page or explanation in the article itself.

When Indiana Jones broke into one of Castle Brunwald's bedrooms, in an attempt to rescue his father, an SS officer and two guards burst into the room and demanded the Grail diary. Following an argument between the father and son, Jones knocked the officer into the wall, took his gun, and shot all three men, prompting Henry to show shock at what his son had done.

Behind the scenesEdit

The SS officer was played by Luke Hanson.

This officer has an action figure made by Hasbro, where he is referred to as a "German Officer."

His rank insignia would indicate that he is a Sturmbannführer (Major).



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