Doctor Rachel Flannery was an archaeologist who worked alongside Indiana Jones during the "Secrets of the Stone Tiger Revealed!" lecture tour.


Indiana Jones went missing while searching the temple of a tiger god before he was scheduled to give a "Secrets of the Stone Tiger Revealed!" lecture, leaving the presentation to Doctor Rachel Flannery who was overseeing work at the site.

Wielding Jones' journal and a staff recovered from the site, Flannery used Jones' notes to piece together the secret of the stone tiger that marked the entrance to the temple.

During the presentation, Jones escaped the mouth of the tiger with the headpiece to the staff and handed it to Flannery, warning her to be careful. Flannery brought the pieces together and was overcome with the power of the artifact. The two archaeologists fought over the completed staff but Jones was victorious when Flannery stumbled backwards into the stone tiger's maw.

Personality and traitsEdit

Like Indiana Jones, Rachel Flannery suffered from ophidiophobia. Flannery's fear of snakes would become her downfall when the reptiles' hissing distracted her long enough to allow Jones to wrestle control of the staff from her.

Behind the scenesEdit

Multiple performers played the role of Rachel Flannery for Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Stone Tiger, a child-participation theme park attraction during 2008's Indiana Jones Summer of Hidden Mysteries. As such, she has no definitive appearance. With no official written version of the character's name, this article assumes the traditional spellings of both her names.


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