Raiders of the Lost Ark - The Storybook Based on the Movie is an adaptation of the film Raiders of the Lost Ark to a storybook intended for younger readers. It includes many color photographs from the film. Storybook adaptation by Les Martin, with the Lucasfilm editor Ann Holler.

The first page is a quick photographic "Who's Who" of the cast. The story adaptation provides some alternative dialog to various scenes and cuts over or combines minor scenes, including the introduction of Reggie, and the dinner between René Emile Belloq and Marion Ravenwood, and the fight at the Flying Wing.

The story also has some scenes that are different than the final version of the film, including:

  • During the truck chase, a Nazi sergeant is about to shoot Jones, who has control of the truck containing the Ark. To prevent the destruction of the Ark, Dietrich shoots the sergeant.
  • Toht is killed in the jeep that falls off the cliff during the truck chase, rather than surviving to the opening of the Ark.
  • Jones lashing himself to the submarine periscope and hoping that it doesn't submerge below periscope height.
  • Ravenwood is present during the meeting with Eaton and Musgrove in Washington DC.

Publisher's summaryEdit

An ancient treasure with supernatural powers is about to be claimed by the Nazis -- unless Indiana Jones can find it first




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