Raider of the Lost Ark cards 88 set

88 card set.

Raiders of the Lost Ark trading cards are a basic set of vintage trading cards issued by Topps in 1981 based of the film of the same name. It contains 88 cards.

In Canada, a bilingual set in both English and French languages was released by O-Pee-Chee.


Base setEdit

  1. Title Card
  2. Indiana Jones, Freelance Adventurer
  3. Beautiful, Spirited Marion Ravenwood
  4. Rene Belloq, Indy's Rival
  5. Indy's Loyal Friend Sallah
  6. Valley of Mystery
  7. Temple of the Warriors
  8. Victim of the Gods
  9. The Priceless Gold Idol
  10. Removing the Idol
  11. The Collapsing Walls
  12. a Boulder!
  13. Fearsome Hovitos Indians
  14. Snagged by Belloq
  15. Belloq's Prize
  16. Escape to the Skies!
  17. Indy's Lecture
  18. Outlining the Quest
  19. Mystery of History
  20. The Raven Bar
  21. The Drinking Contest
  22. Indy and Marion Reunited
  23. An Affair to Remember
  24. The Mysterious Medallion
  25. The Creature Called Toht
  26. Marion in a Jam!
  27. Jones to the Rescue!
  28. Struggle to the Death!
  29. Deadly Flames!
  30. The Human Torch
  31. The Prize of Agony
  32. Escape!
  33. Fleeing the Blazing Inferno!
  34. Secret of the Medallion
  35. Attacked by Arab Henchmen!
  36. The Challenge
  37. Master of the Bullwhip
  38. Where's Marion?
  39. Marion Ravenwood...Dead?
  40. The Rivals Meet
  41. A Valuable Clue for Indy
  42. The Tanis Digs
  43. Overseers of Evil
  44. Indy and disguise!
  45. Inside the Map Room
  46. The Key to Eternity
  47. Indy Zeroes In
  48. Well of the Souls
  49. A Very-Much-Alive Marion!
  50. Treacherous Descent
  51. Chamber of Death!
  52. Within the Stone Chest
  53. Ark of the Covenant
  54. Trapped by Belloq
  55. Sea of Serpents
  56. Our heroes...Doomed?
  57. Hissing Death!
  58. Trapped in the Well!
  59. Terror of the Mummies
  60. "I Hate Snakes!"
  61. Indy's Gamble
  62. Loading the Ark
  63. A Mountain of Muscle
  64. Marion Holds Off The Enemy!
  65. Spectacular Brawl!
  66. Exploding Fuel Tank
  67. Where There's Smoke, There's Indy!
  68. Destruction of the Flying Wing
  69. Race for the Ark!
  70. The Chase
  71. Aboard the Bantu Wind
  72. Held at Gunpoint by the Nazis
  73. Indy Hitches a Ride!
  74. The Arrival of the Ark
  75. Removing the Precious Cargo
  76. Yet Another Disguise For Jones
  77. The March to Destiny
  78. Threatened by Indiana Jones
  79. Indy's Bluff is Called
  80. Captives of the Evil One
  81. The Way to the Altar
  82. The Ritual Begins
  83. The Awesome Moment
  84. The Ark is Opened!
  85. The Power of God!
  86. The Adventure Ends...or Does it?
  87. Destiny of the Ark
  88. Checklist

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