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The left rearview soldier was a Nazi soldier who in 1936, under the orders of Colonel Dietrich and the Tough Sergeant, got on a cargo truck which contained the Ark of the Covenant to defend it from American archaeologist Indiana Jones with his comrades.

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In 1936, after the destruction of the Flying Wing, Colonel Herman Dietrich decided to transport the Ark of the Covenant from Egypt to Berlin via a cargo truck full of Nazi soldiers, including this soldier.[1]

When archaeologist Indiana Jones took control of the truck and killed Major Gobler and his men, this soldier and another took the lead for two of their comrades ordering them to follow them through the edges of the truck to get to Jones and finish off him. Unfortunately for the soldier and his companions, Jones saw them through the rearview mirrors, and in the blink of an eye, this soldier and one of his companions were struck by a palm tree they passed and fell into the steep road.[1]

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The left rearview soldier was played uncredited by the late stuntman Peter Diamond in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

In the film's Read-Along Adventure adaptation, the soldiers get shaken off the back of the truck by Indiana Jones after he kicks out the driver.

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