Remus and his twin brother Romulus were, according to mythology, the founders of Ancient Rome.


In legend, Romulus and Remus were born to the Roman god Mars and vestal virgin Rhea Silvia. As babies, Remus and his brother were cast into the River Tiber by their great-uncle Amulius but their cradle washed up near seven hills. There the boys were found and cared for by a she-wolf until they were later taken in by a shepherd who raised them as his own.

Eventually the pair discovered what Amulius had done and, with the help of locals, overthrew their great-uncle's city. The twins decided to establish a settlement of their own but the brothers quarreled over on which of the hills to build resulting in Romulus slaying Remus.


In 1938, there was a plaque in the Biblioteca di San Barnaba of Venice quoting them for having said "For a great library, even if it is in a second-rate city."

Behind the scenesEdit

The library plaque is a humorous reference to the fact that the library is in Venice, which the founders of Rome believe to be inferior to Rome itself.



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