Roger Fontane was a businessman and a client of mystic Sophia Hapgood in 1939. His secretary, Beth Addams, was a secret Nazi agent.


One May evening Fontane, along with his secretary Beth Addams, columnist Miss McMurphy and others, attended a seminar by Hapgood about Atlantis at her apartment. He expressed his unease at Hapgood's application of the mystic to history but event was interupted when Indiana Jones arrived claiming to be a detective of the "fraud division", prompting the visitors to quickly take their leave.

The next day, Hapgood considered asking Fontane if he had told Nazi colonel Klaus Kerner, who had raided the apartment after it was evacuated by Jones, about Atlantaen relics when she noticed Beth Addams outside his office building ordering a taxi to Midtown General Hospital where Jones was recuperating from a gunshot wound.

Appearances Edit

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