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This article is about the Russian soldier. You may be looking for former presidents Theodore Roosevelt or FDR.

Disguised as American soldier "Roosevelt", a Russian soldier served under Colonels Antonin Dovchenko and Irina Spalko, and helped them to infiltrate Hangar 51 in Nevada in 1957.


In 1957, Roosevelt and his comrades, disguised as US military soldiers, helped Colonels Antonin Dovchenko and Irina Spalko to infiltrate in Hangar 51 at Nevada, United States of America in order to acquire the Roswell remains.

When one of his fellow soldiers allowed himself to be goaded into racing against a hotrod full of American teenagers, Roosevelt showed his disapproval. After American archaeologist Indiana Jones was coerced into finding the crate holding the remains, he escaped from the Soviets, despite the efforts of Roosevelt and his comrades to kill him.

Later, in Brazil, Roosevelt was one of only four soldiers who survived the jungle chase and the subsequent encounter with a deadly nest of siafu, and continue on to Akator alongside Spalko.


Roosevelt (right) at Akator.

At Akator, he and his comrades massacred the Ugha, but when a dimensional rift was created after Spalko replaced the Crystal Skull, he tried to flee in the wake Indiana Jones' party but–along with Jefferson and the other two soldiers–was sucked into the vortex.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Roosevelt" was played by Pasha D. Lychnikoff in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Lychnikoff was the second of four credited Russian Soldiers. Like many of the Soviet Special Forces who infiltrated Hangar 51, Roosevelt shares his name with a US president, in his case Theodore Roosevelt.

A scene was shot for Crystal Skull in which George McHale is dragged by Roosevelt and Grant out of Hangar 51 and placed before a truck driven by Dovchenko to coerce Indiana Jones into helping the Soviets. However, the scene was cut from the final edit of the film.[1]

While he and his companions are pulled into the vortex in the film, Roosevelt and his companions receive a different fate in the comic book adaptation where the soliders are incinerated by the piercing gaze of the crystal skeletons of the Temple of Akator.


Notes and referencesEdit

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