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Rough Man: "If you was my wife, you'd be lucky to get a penny."
Indiana Jones: "If you were her husband, she'd need all the luck she could get."
―Rough Man and Indiana Jones[src]

The Rough Man was a working-class heckler at the meeting of the East London Suffragettes in May 1916. He and his friends were drunk and stood up in the balcony taunting the speakers, including Sylvia Pankhurst, and began to interrupt Maisie Kemp when she began to speak on the subject of equal pay in her East End cockney voice. After the rough man and his friend continued to jeer Kemp, a man in the audience turned around one of the rough man's insults on himself, and with the crowd's applause, the Kemp regained her confidence and continued her speech.

Behind the scenesEdit

The role of the Rough Man was played by Ed Stobart.


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