Rudolf Reingold was an SS captain in Adolf Hitler's personal guard and an agent of the secret Thule Society of Nazi Germany. He was tasked by the Führer to find a subterranean world where men became gods.


Born around 1904,[1] Rudolf Reingold grew up to take part in the street violence that led to the Reichstag fire and Adolf Hitler's installation as Chancellor of Germany.[2]

In 1933, Reingold worked as an advisor on the "grimmer construction details" of the new concentration camp at Dachau.[2]

After being assigned to find Ultima Thule, Reingold and his men encountered Indiana Jones and his comrades numerous times in 1934 leading up to their final confrontation inside a subterranean cave near Iceland. Fearsome mosaic paintings serving as booby traps attacked Reingold and his men, dragging them into the wall where they became mosaics themselves. Reingold was pulled halfway through and Jones made a vain attempt at rescue but the Nazi, in agonizing pain, begged for death and so Jones's burly Viking comrade, Gunnar Erickson, snapped Reingold's neck.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Rudolf Reingold was a six-foot one-inch tall, blue-eyed man with blond hair and a scar that ran down his right cheek. He could adopt a near-flawless English accent and affable personality which he used to make Indiana Jones drop his guard on a train out of New Jersey and stole the man's satchel while the archaeologist was sleeping.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

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