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The Second German Soldier was a Nazi soldier who participated during the Nazi effort to find the Holy Grail in 1938. He served under the orders of Colonel Ernst Vogel.

Biography Edit

In 1938, during the Nazi effort to find the Holy Grail, the Second German Soldier served under the command of Ernst Vogel.

Upon the arrival of the Nazis at the Republic of Hatay, he was ordered by Vogel to travel on one of the trucks driven by Nazi drivers during the quest of the Temple of the Sun. When the archaeologist Indiana Jones appeared on the scene to rescue his father Henry Walton Jones, Senior and Marcus Brody from Vogel, who had took them as hostages inside his tank, the Third German Soldier along with his companions were called by Vogel to help him kill Indiana.

After seeing as one of his companions was beaten by Indy, he and his other comrade jumped out of the truck to help Vogel, lining up behind their beaten comrade, but Indy hit the beaten comrade with his pistol in the face and then shot the comrade in the chest, killing him and his teammates in the process. His body subsquently fell in the metalic treads of the tank and apparently crushed in the desertic ground.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Second German Soldier was portrayed by an uncredited actor in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

During the early development of the film's original script, written by Jeffrey Boam, the Second German Soldier was originally going to not exist in the story. Instead, the only enemies who were going to fight against Indiana Jones were originally Walter Chandler (Walter Donovan in the final film) and the Hatay Tank Driver.[1][2]

Appearances Edit

Notes and references Edit

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