Doctor Seidread was a duplicitous archaeologist.


Upon learning a book had been found by his rivals containing a map to the tomb of knight Lancelot duLac, Seidread stole the tome and flew to England to be its discoverer. After his arrival, Seidread hired a group to prevent others from following him, but he ended up being captured by Nazi spies operating as priests in a church above the tomb's location near Fountains Abbey.

Seidread's rivals eventually caught up to him. However, they too were taken prisoner alongside the archaeologist in a cavern beneath the church. Seidread began bartering for his release, giving up his knowledge of the tomb and offering to split the reward with the Nazis. They agreed, but Seidread's rivals managed to escape and in the process located the tomb's entrance first.

Seidread led his new allies to them, navigating the traps protecting Sir Lancelot and his treasures. Seidread faced his rivals but once again they got away, this time with the prize he sought: Lancelot's sword.

The archaeologist took on his opponents again over a jungle temple and may have lost his life in a crash but the doctor's body went unrecovered.

Personality and traitsEdit

Seidread was described as deceitful, vengeful and hostile. He sought to trick and harm those who shared his goals.

Behind the scenesEdit

Doctor Seidread was created as the antagonist for a sample adventure in the Indiana Jones and the Rising Sun roleplaying supplement who attempted to thwart the players.