Selim II, aka Selim the Sot, was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire that ruled from 1566 to 1574. It is due to his actions that the Golden Fleece lost all of its powers.



Selim the Sot, pictured surrounded by concubines.

Sometime during the sixteenth century, Sultan Sulayman's successor, Selim II — also known as "Selim the Sot" — an indolent drunkard who had many concubines, became enraged one night at the crying of his youngest child while in his harem. He proceeded to smother the child using the fleece of a ram.

The fleece was actually the Golden Fleece which had now been desecrated so it ceased to exert its magical influence. After that, it was all downhill for the Ottoman Empire.

In 1939, while searching though Topkapi Palace, Indiana Jones discovered Selim's Water Bottle.


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