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This article is about the Nazi sergeant aboard the Bantu Wind. You may be looking for the rank.

A Nazi Sergeant was one of the soldiers serving under Colonel Dietrich and was aboard the Wurrfler as it headed to Geheimhaven in 1936.


When the Nazis boarded the Bantu Wind, the Sergeant and two soldiers went into Captain Katanga's cabin searching for Indiana Jones. They found only Marion Ravenwood, who they took prisoner. Marion warned the sergeant not to touch her and prodded his chest with her finger for emphasis. He angrily responded by shoving her down the hall, and then he and his companions took her out on deck. Seeing Dietrich, she wrenched free from the three and moved to slap him, only to be seized and pulled aside by Katanga before she could do so.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Sergeant was played by the late Welsh actor John Rees in Raiders of the Lost Ark in a nonspeaking role.

In the third draft of the film's script, written by Lawrence Kasdan, the Sergeant had a speaking role, saying "Not a trace yet, sir!" after Colonel Shliemann (Dietrich's original name in the script) asks if the soldiers have found Jones. Although this line is preserved in the film, another Nazi soldier says it.

The Sergeant's fate is unknown. While he did go to Geheimhaven with the other Nazis aboard the Wurrfler, it is unclear whether or not he was present at the Tabernacle when the Ark of the Covenant was opened.


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